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I know, I know… This blog is written by a designer, of course I am going to tell you why to hire someone like me. You’re right. I am. My goal for this website, specifically this blog, is to make your renovations less stressful. I want to share with you my experience and knowledge so that you can have your design dreams come true right before your eyes! Read on to make your renovation (and life) a little bit easier!

1/ Save MONEY


Actually, not impossible.  We need to throw out the idea that Designers are for the rich and famous.  Although Designers do charge for their services, there are so many ways that we can save money for you.  Designers help with the all important PLAN, saving you (and your budget) from making costly mistakes throughout the renovation.

Designers have been there, done that.  When it comes to unforseen problems that arise in every renovation, Designers are great at giving you options that are cost effective and timely, keeping both budget and timeline in check.

Discounts? Who doesn’t want discounts?

Designers have spent years searching for the best quality products and trades for the best price.  Wherever possible, we have cultivated relationships with other businesses, to negotiate a lower percentage on the suggested retail price on furnishings, fixtures and materials.

Ultimately, these savings can offset the cost of the design fee when a designer shares their trade discounts with you!


2/ Plan

The renovation business is an unpredictable one.  It’s why I LOVE it! you never know what is going to happen next.  Except, you do know what is going to happen next, with a little adventure thrown into the mix…

Designers are what I like to call “artistic planners.” We help create beautiful spaces and outline a solid direction for the project.  From the beginning we can see the finished look of the space, while directing the project to that vision.  Throughout the length of the project, we know where to order product from and when.  We know which trade is coming next and when to contact the next one.  We are there to do the best job possible to free up your valuable time.

With a Designer’s guiding hand, you can rest assured that your hard earned dollars (and time) are being spent efficiently.



As I mentioned above, Designers have spent years interviewing, vetting and researching their list of vendors and trades.  This time spent, means you don’t have to.

A Designer can provide you with their “A TEAM” which is exactly what you want, for your dream renovation!

Reliable and qualified trades, contractors and suppliers that work frequently together will be able to decrease the length of time it takes to complete a project.  Your “A TEAM” has done it a hundred times before, we know each other’s expectations and needs to complete the project on time.  This is a win-win scenario!


4/ Trained eye or WOW Factor

Designers each have experience in our chosen fields.  Like any career, with experience comes an ability to identify and solve problems quickly.

Designers are trained to think differently.  We can see a space and know exactly how it should look, both spatially and esthetically.  By chance, if we can’t see it immediately, we know how to focus on the challenges at hand to transform it.

Designers have a high level of attention to detail.  Rarely is something missed or looked over.  Something you may not notice, will keep a designer awake at night.  It’s our way, we are perfectionist. That’s why we love what we do, it’s the best of both worlds, creative and detailed.


5/ Enjoy the Journey

Renovations are admittedly hard.  There is a lot going on and mess.  For a short time, your day to day life is turned upside down.  In the end the result will be completely worth it!  Designers can relieve the burden of a renovation by taking care of the details, so you can live your life as normally as possible.

A Designer can give you a sense of security, that someone reliable and experienced is overseeing what seems like organized chaos.  We can answer any questions to reassure or direct you into making the best decisions for your home and family.

We want your space to be beautiful… Yes.  We also want you to feel empowered and confident in the process.  That is our mission: To create beautiful spaces while taking on the burden of the renovation, so you don’t have to!

Are you interested in renovating a space in your home?

Not sure where to start?

Then simply start with a PLAN!  Ask us those lingering questions about the design, planning and execution of your renovation.  We look forward to hearing bout your exciting project and answering those questions.


We’ll talk soon