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Wow! What a CRAZY year 2020 was.  It brought challenges and a few solutions, that is for sure, and we learned so much about ourselves.

For me personally, we have always been the work from home types and are quite used to juggling kids while meeting the needs of our clients and jobs. 

The only difference was we did not get a break from each other during the school day, and business travel was put on a hold.

Educating small children was not what I expected when I signed them up for French school, (did I mention I do not speak French?) but there we were. In the thick of it.   I found routine worked best for us.  Out came the large sheets of Bristol board with schedules and achievable goals that we could celebrate at the end of the week with Take- out Fridays!


Unlike the restaurant, travel and retail businesses, the construction industry EXPLODED!!!

So many at home, unable to go on their beloved travels, suddenly could not ignore their ugly and nonfunctioning spaces.   This is when we learned to pivot.  We offered “virtual” consultations and e- design packages. We kept hope alive for our clients that their spaces could and would be better!


Now we are a month into 2021 and like most, I am optimistic about what 2021 is going to bring.  In fact, I know this is going to be our best year ever!  How do I know?  Let me give a little insight on the BIG plans, jobs and changes we have been working on for months.


For starters… Our Upcoming Transformations!

Despite the circumstances, we have been and will continue to plan and execute the radical change of some beautiful spaces.  With a full line up of client projects for the 2021 calendar, we are feeling blessed that we can help guide these projects into beautiful and functional spaces!


Next up… Our new BRAND REFRESH!!!

You may have noticed the changes on our website, social media and yes, even our name. 

5 years ago, when I started this company, I was so focused on ensuring everyone knew how professional I was and that I offer the 3D renderings.  Why was I so focused on that?  I do not remember now.




Last, but certainly not least… House Flipping!

Not many know this about me, but I have always wanted to flip a house.

Taking something that looks unsalvageable and making it beautiful is the basis of what I do.  Why not jump in and create a beautiful home for someone to enjoy right away?

If 2020 taught me anything, it was to trust myself and live out my dreams while I can.  I am a Master of Creative Design, budgets, and schedules.  My 7-year-old daughter says “Mommy makes houses better” when asked what I do for a living.  She is right, I make houses better and that is what I am going to continue to do for my clients and for those who did not even know they need me. 


Yep, leave it to me to figure out how to flip a property during a pandemic.


For over a year I went on adventures with my trusty real estate agent, looking at some of the worst properties you can imagine.  I LOVED every second of it!

In September, our offer on a sad little property was accepted.   After having to extend the closing dates a few times (Another story for another day).  We finally got the keys in our hands 3 days before Christmas!  Merry Christmas to me. 


My wonderful team and I have already started her transformation.  Demo is almost complete; Asbestos has been removed and product has been ordered!   Things are going quite quickly, and I am having so much fun learning about oil furnaces, Asbestos ceiling tiles and plumbing that is held together with hot glue and electrical tape. 


Welcome everyone to… FLIPPIN CHAMBERLAIN! 

 As you can imagine, we are EXTREMELY excited to have you come along on the journey with us at KSN Design INC.   We invite you to Follow us on all our social media platforms, share with your friends, live it with us.  The good the bad and the ugly. Or should I say “The ugly, the bad, the beautiful.”

You do not want to miss out on the adventures we are going to have in 2021!