Stock Cabinetry vs Custom? What you need to know!

Stock Cabinetry vs Custom? What you need to know!

Feeling overwhelmed by the choice between Stock and Custom cabinetry? Let's simplify. As a woodworker’s daughter and a kitchen and bath designer, I can navigate cabinets all day long. With endless differences in materials, finishes, and more, choosing the right cabinets can be daunting. Stock cabinets offer quick fixes, but limited options, while Custom cabinets provide ultimate customization at a higher cost. Semi-Custom strikes a balance between the two. Here’s a breakdown:

Stock Cabinets:

  • Quick fixes with limited sizes and options.
  • Made to fit your space, but may result in less usable cabinet space.
  • Particle board with a veneer, lasting 5-10 years.
  • Economical pricing, ideal for straightforward projects or quick updates. Recommendation: Perfect for simple layouts or DIY projects.

Semi-Custom Cabinets:

  • More options in sizes, materials, and finishes.
  • Can be tailored to fit your space more precisely.
  • Higher quality materials, lasting 10-15 years.
  • Higher pricing but offers greater flexibility. Recommendation: Best for projects with increased budgets or intricate layouts.

Custom Cabinets:

  • Fully customizable with endless options.
  • Precisely tailored to your space, maximizing storage.
  • High-grade materials, lasting 15-25 years.
  • Higher pricing but offers unparalleled customization. Recommendation: Ideal for those seeking premium quality and lifetime durability.

Ready to renovate? Start with a plan. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through your project. Let’s bring your dream space to life!

- Kaeleigh

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